Cyber-Security – The question is not if, but when the incident will occur

Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent. The number of attacks is increasing and the headlines are piling up. The risk is not eliminated with outsourcing to the Cloud. Cloud service providers also have to rethink and provide answers to questions about security measures. For companies, outsourcing creates a new interface that must be managed.

Cloud service providers can be assessed and their service quality evaluated on the basis of various standards. In Germany, an assessment according to the BSI C5 Cloud standard or according to the IT expert committee of the IDW (FAIT) number 5 is recommended. Corresponding certificates are provided by auditors. Certificates according to ISAE 3000 or ISAE 3402 should be mentioned here.

In addition to the assessment and the resulting selection of a suitable service provider, it is also important to increase the company’s resistance to damage (resilience).

The pandemic in particular has shown how important digital skills and a functioning digital infrastructure are for SMEs. Never before have technologies been implemented so quickly and become a strategy for functioning business processes in many areas. With the rapid development, data is becoming a central component of value creation. For this reason, it is important that companies develop strategies and measures to sustainably protect their operations against cyber attacks. Entrepreneurs owe this not only to their own company, but also to their customers, because your customers also expect companies to develop confidence-building measures in the digital transformation.

We help you to secure your company with a customised early warning system, comprehensive security measures and forensic analysis methods against threats from the Internet. We want to build and strengthen your cyber resilience and develop a preventive, forward-looking cyber strategy for your company. Internally IT-secure and externally trust-building in the digital transformation.

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