Ensure the integrity of technologies through effective controls

On-premise or cloud-based solutions such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms offer advantages, of course, but also risks that are reflected, for example, in the areas of data management, data security, data privacy, transaction integrity and others. Especially when information flows in and out of these newly coupled IT landscapes. As part of this transformation, it is important to ensure that risks and controls are embedded in new business processes.

By assessing risks and designing effective controls during implementation, your organisation can achieve the following:

  • You avoid inefficiencies and potentially compliance breaches.
  • Reduce the control design effort
  • Ensure that the company gets value from its investment

Independent Consulting + Audit Professionals can help your company build its adapted and new risk management system. We help you on your journey to a digitally integrated environment that allows you to better leverage new technologies and the flexibility of your cloud. We help you add value to your technology ecosystem by identifying, assessing and mitigating risks related to systems, security, data, reporting and programmes.

Our approach starts with a comprehensive understanding of your business processes, focusing on what you want to achieve through implementation and focusing on your specific business risks.

We have extensive industry-specific technology expertise, including systems and applications. Our experience with systems and applications, including on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments, supports our holistic view of your business. Whether you use cloud-based platforms such as Salesforce and ERPs as for example SAP, Navision and Oracle, we can optimise your systems to give you greater security, control and meet compliance requirements.