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Our IT-Consulting revolves around the digitalisation of business processes and the implementation of proprietary control systems for efficient management. All activities are geared towards ensuring IT compliance.

Data Governance is an overview of processes, roles, policies, standards and metrics that enable effective use of information and support organisations in achieving their goals. We take care of the processes and responsibilities that are relevant for the quality and security of the data used in a company or organisation. Our analysis methods and tools help to obtain a quick and comprehensive overview of data flows, data quality and data integrity.

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We create a solid audit basis for auditors, reduce your audit risk and obtain detailed information on possible control weaknesses. A data-based audit increases the efficiency of an audit by saving manual audit procedures and conspicuous facts can be investigated in a targeted manner. The analysis platforms we use deliver tangible added value from the audit.

Companies using SAP manage all data in a central location in order to efficiently control all processes in value creation. However, this also requires that the data be adequately protected against unintentional change or misuse. We work with you to optimise access management in SAP and per business process.

The functionally appropriate assignment of functional and administrative rights is the basis for an optimal technically supported internal control system (ICS). An implementation of such roles and rights in SAP is our support for your security and compliance.

The financial resources from the HFA enable extensive investments in digitalisation, but also in IT security in hospitals. Together with you, we design the optimal interaction of the individual components and establish IT compliance management in your hospital.

An effective BCM is the last insurance in serious emergencies and crisis situations to maintain the company’s existence. A business crisis is only a matter of time. Companies that survive them are lucky or have BCM plans in the drawer!

Processes and procedures in the company are mapped in increasingly complex IT-systems. The number of solutions used in the company is still very high. Old archiving systems are being replaced and transferred to cloud solutions. The GoBD explicitly calls for procedural documentation that maps all applied IT-supported business processes.

Business models in particular will change significantly as a result of digitalisation. In the consultation, we will address with you the impact of technological progress on your current business model. Derived from this, another sub-aspect of the consultancy is the development of new digital business models.

Has your IT department become cumbersome or do you want to face new challenges and therefore a reorganisation or introduction of a new organisation or the introduction of new processes is on the agenda? Do you have the feeling that your IT organisation should be able to cope with the tasks and problems at hand better than is actually the case? Would you simply like to get the best possible out of your IT organisation with the resources available? Then we are the right partner for you. Let us help you take the first step towards a new, more efficient IT organisation.

Seminars are a shortcut to your success. We impart specialist knowledge in an easy, understandable and fun way. We help you get up to speed on technical topics in a short time and are your accelerator in matters of compliance, IT-security, cyber-security and information security.

The basis of digital cooperation is a digital document and workflow management system. By introducing and using a DMS, costs for archive rooms and office supplies can be significantly reduced. A DMS turns your file folders and countless stacks of paper into clear electronic documents. We support you in organising the daily flood of data, information and documents via a uniform platform.

Our goal in ERP Consulting is to drastically reduce the risk of selecting the wrong system and vendor. We focus on the entrepreneurial process characteristics of our customers and together with the evaluation of the economic benefit we are able to provide you with information for the selection of an ERP system.

The verification of the PfBD is the responsibility of the responsible tax office and their auditors. In tax law, the basic assumption is that digital bookkeeping is correct. Any software used as well as the entire digital process of record keeping and processing should be checked for its correctness.

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