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For years, data privacy has been gaining in importance because the required level of data privacy and the associated data privacy regulations are increasing. This development is due to both advancing digitalisation and legislation. The legislator has created strict requirements that do not leave companies unscathed. With our targeted data privacy consulting, we help you identify potential risks and develop suitable data privacy solutions.

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Data protection is basically nothing more than respect for the decision of others as to what they want to do with their personal data and what they do not want to do with it. The purpose of data protection is therefore to protect individuals from having their personal rights impaired by the handling of their personal data

Our data protection consultancy provides a competitive advantage for your business by protecting your image and ensuring data security for your customers. We minimise the risks of data breaches and data loss through our advice.

We help you select and implement a DPMS and accompany you during project implementation as well as certification.

A Data Privacy Management System enables you to:

  • Structured and documented data protection requirements
  • Avoidance or reduction of fines
  • Creation of trust and advertising opportunities
  • Professional corporate image in the area of data privacy
  • Professional knowledge and experience through the introduction/implementation of the DPMS
  • Integration of the DPMS into an existing management system (e.g. ISO 9001)
  • Optimised and data privacy compliant process flows
  • Increased protection of company and business secrets
  • Reduction of the probability of data privacy breaches or even data mishaps occurring
  • Limitation of damage and risk to data subjects
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement

It makes sense for a company that is involved in the collection or processing of personal data in any way. Even small companies can be subject to an unannounced data privacy audit by the competent supervisory authority. It therefore makes sense to check compliance with the GDPR at regular intervals and to evaluate the processes in the company.

Raising staff awareness is the most important point in creating and sustainably establishing holistic data privacy. For this purpose, there may be specialised training of employees by the data privacy officer. During internal and external audits, great importance is attached to the level of knowledge of all employees.

With us, you won’t be left out in the rain. We can help you!